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Welcome to KomputerMan's home page!!!
KomputerMan is a independent contractor that specializes in database driven web application development and implementation. The team has developed several database driven web applications for the following State of Idaho Agencies:
Department of Administration - Division of Public Works
Department of Health and Welfare - Child Care Services
Central District Health Department
Idaho Real Estate Commission
Additionally we have developed multiple large globally used web applications for the following companies:
Amkor Technology
DongBu / ANAM Electronics
What This Site is About
This web site contains some sample applications that were developed using Cold Fusion, some Cold Fusion custom tags, and some professional presentations has made about Cold Fusion. The site also contains a link to the ultimate On Line Time Clock application for contractors, "Da Web TIme Clock"!!!
Da Web Time Clock
Da Web Time Clock is an application that was developed to keep track of the amount of time the staff spends working on projects for our clients. The application is simple to use, easy to configure, and exports its reports into a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet. The application has three levels of security, comes complete with On Line Help, and has customizable reporting.
Department of Administration - Division of Public Works Application
The PubWorks intranet application tracks every Public Works project in the State of Idaho. The application accounts for every penny authorized for every Public Works project, where the money for the project came from (I.E. a specific legislative bill), what the money was spent on, and who received the money. The accounting portion of the application manages hundreds of millions of dollars every year.
Because of the sensitive nature of the data stored in the SQL Server back end of the PubWorks Project, a robust security scheme was developed that allows the application administrator to grant or remove user rights to various functions within the application.
In addition to the financial aspects of the application, the PubWorks project also tracks every vendor that worked on a Public Works project and the contract that was created for that work. The application has the capability to create a work schedule for each project complete with update status, project manager comments, and a scheduling timeline of work to be performed.
The PubWorks project has over 40 reports that turn the mountain of data gathered into useful information for the end users.
Idaho Real Estate Commission Application
The IREC intranet application tracks every person and company that is authorized to conduct Real Estate transactions in the State of Idaho. The application has accounting functions to track all monies spent on licensure. The application also keeps track of complaints against a licensed broker, education that each broker has received, and audits performed of each broker and brokerage.
The IREC application stores its data in a SQL Server back end and has the same sophisticated security scheme that the PubWorks project employs.
The IREC application has over 25 reports that provides information for the end users.
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