Hobo March circa 1980’s

Serving the Community

I moved to Boise in 1978, it’s now home.  Because I live here, and for the most part LOVE living here, I feel it’s my responsibility to give something back to our community

So Many Ways to Give Back

   I’ve been doing volunteer work in Boise for decades now. Be it Paint the Town, Rake Up Boise, Habitat for Humanity, Festival of Trees, or reffing fund raising soccer tournaments.  

   I never do these things with the idea of some sort of reward, other than self satisfaction and there is a huge amount of personal satisfaction to be gained when seeing the look on the people’s face you’re volunteering your time to help. 

   Although every now and then you do get surprised with an unexpected reward such as being awarded Best of Show for a wreath donated to the Festival of Trees.  Or more recently, seeing my mug and name displayed on a 16′ X 28′ monitor on the side of a building!

   On this page I’ll chronicle some of the many ways to give back in Boise and how I’ve been able to contribute to our community.

Rake Up Boise

Rake Up Boise is a yearly event designed to help residents clean up Autum yard debris

Rake Up Boise is one of my favorite events that I’m involved with.  I’ve joined at least 15 teams over the years.  Some were with people I work with, some were with people I met on MeetUp, and the most recent one was with the gym (Bodies in Motion) that I work out at.

There isn’t much to it.  Grab a rake, leaf blower, and a tarp or two and rake up leaves!  We live in the City of Trees and come fall those trees drop a ton of leaves. The people we rake up for are usually elderly or handicapped and always appreciative!  Not to mention it’s a great way to get in a fall workout!