Mission Statements:

Standard of Quality

Create high quality designs exceeding customers expectations

Crafting Memories

Helping create memorable crafting experiences with exotic woods and easy to learn inlay techniques

Go To Source

We will be the Go To Source for supplying all your inlaid crafting needs

Our Thoughts

My Most Important Job

My First Few Months My first few months at Micron was an immersion into the world of high tech manufacturing.  I was hired, straight out of school, into a division that eventually got spun off as Micron Custom Manufacturing Services.   It was an exciting time due to...

Life Goals

When Dreaming, Shoot for the Stars I've been far to complacent in reaching for my dreams over the last few years.   By publishing my goals maybe I'll be more compelled to working towards achieve them.  With that in mind, these are the things I wish to accomplish over...