My 40 Year Professional Career

Like most people I’ve had to hold a job to survive.  On this page I’ll chronicle  the jobs I’ve held and lessons learned, and a fond memory or two.

Career Capstone Project

Creating a company whose Mission Statement is helping people create memorable crafting experiences using exotic woods and easy to learn inlay techniques.  We make it EZ for you to build heirloom quality items!

I’ve been nurturing this startup business far to long.  The last few years were difficult but that is in the rear view mirror.  Ahead of me is my professional career’s capstone project. I’ve never been the one to set my own work priorities, I’ve always had somebody tell me to work on this next.  Perhaps this is the biggest hurdle to get over which is why I’ve enlisted help in the form of a Whetstone support group. 

 I’ve already completed a deep dive into what it will take for me to start and sustain a profitable company.  Now that I’m in the right frame of mind I’m moving forward again.  This time, to quote the Beetles, with a little help from my friends!  

I’ll publicly post my goals, strategies, and next steps on this page.  I’ll provide regular updates, via blogs, so you can follow along and enjoy the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life!