I Like to Build Stuff

These pages represent some of my favorite woodworking projects I’ve worked on over the years.  Some turned out better than others yet I’ve learned tons from each of them.  Recently I landed a gig supporting the Microjig product line so now I’m learning how to build items using their product line to support the build. 


Festival Of Trees

Castle du' Bryce -n- Brock

Knick Knack Shelves

Our Thoughts

It's Called A Leap Of Faith      A week or so ago I was called into the boss's office.  The day earlier somebody gave their notice, he blamed me for it even though the person who quit told me weeks ago about their plans but that isn't the point.  The point is he made...

My Most Important Job

My First Few Months My first few months at Micron was an immersion into the world of high tech manufacturing.  I was hired, straight out of school, into a division that eventually got spun off as Micron Custom Manufacturing Services.   It was an exciting time due to...

Whetstone Meeting Mar 28, 2019

I finished listening to The Right Stuff and the Wrong Stuff by Carter Cast.    Interesting book with a slant towards those people with managerial aspirations, still there were plenty of nuggets for those of us who consider ourselves to be professionals, but don't want...